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pirateslife4me asked: Hey :) I see you got the Martin GCPCA4.. How is it, does it sound/feel good? I'm thinking about getting the Siris version .. Maybe

I may be bias, but I honestly think it’s the nicest acoustic I’ve played. Originally I wanted to buy a j-45 but after I played the Martin I couldn’t resist.

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Anonymous asked: I just got back home from an antique mall and I found a Raven Ukulele that I think I want to pick up! The only difference between the one in your picture here and the one I saw was that yours has steel strings and the one I found had plastic. Also made in Japan, also had a name carved into the neck. Is it any good? Should I go back to the store and get it?

If your looking to buy it to turn a profit, I wouldn’t. However, it is a pretty sweet instrument. Mines over 60 years old. If like collecting, go for it.